100th Anniversary of VA Life Insurance Overview.  For 100 years, the VA Life Insurance program has built a proud history of providing outstanding customer service and programs to Servicemembers and Veterans so that their families can have the peace of mind they deserve. 
In that time, VA has provided valuable life insurance protection to over 57 million Servicemembers and Veterans from World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam through the present conflicts. Today, VA provides 10 separate lines of insurance coverage.
Over the past 100 years, VA has paid out $104 billion in claims, dividends and other benefits.  Today, VA has the 9th largest life insurance enterprise in the nation.  VA Life Insurance boasts one of the best customer call center satisfaction scores in the federal government (according to the American Customer Service Index).  VA Life Insurance answers 2,200 calls a day and completes 85% of requests while on the phone.  Insurance for Servicemembers and their families FSGLI Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance. 
Protection for spouses and children SGLI Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance 
Provides low-cost term insurance coverage to servicemembers until 120 days after separating from service.  Insurance for Veterans VGLI Veterans’ Group Life Insurance
Provides term insurance protection after separation from service for those who had SGLI while in the service.  Insurance for Disabled Veterans SDVI Service-Disabled Veterans’ Insurance 
Protection for disabled Veterans who apply within 2 years of receiving a new service-connected disability rating SGLI-DE Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Disability Extension.  Provides a two year extension of SGLI at no cost to Servicemembers who are totally disabled at the time of separation VMLI Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance
Provides mortgage life insurance to severely disabled Veterans who receive a VA Specially Adapted Housing Grant.  Please see PDF Download link to view an accessible PDF that addresses the text content of this document.

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