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Veterans Opportunity to Work

Vocational Rehabilitation

Extended Job Readiness Assistance

If you’re a Veteran who is unemployed, looking for work, or in need of training to qualify for a job, extended vocational rehabilitation assistance may be available. The Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) program extends vocational rehabilitation benefits for 12 months for Veterans who’ve completed the VA vocational rehabilitation program and have run out of initial unemployment benefits.


To qualify for extended job readiness assistance from VA, you must:

Services You May Have Earned

These vocational rehabilitation and employment services may be available:

  • Evaluations to determine your employment abilities, skills, and interests
  • Job counseling and rehabilitation planning to prepare you for employment
  • Job training, job-seeking skills, résumé development, and other work readiness assistance
  • Assistance finding and keeping a job, tapping special employer incentives, and getting disability accommodations
  • On-the-job training, apprenticeships, and non-paid work experiences
  • Postsecondary training at a college, vocational, technical, or business school
  • Supportive services, including case management, counseling, and medical referrals
  • Independent living services if you’re unable to work due to a severe disability

Special Employer Incentives (SEI)

Veterans may also participate in the SEI program, which encourages employers to hire Veterans who face extraordinary barriers to employment. Qualifying Veterans hired by SEI employers receive on-the-job training, income and benefits, and ongoing support from trained VA counselors. The program aims to help Veterans overcome barriers to employment, learn valuable skills in practical settings, and gain long-term employment. Call 1-800-827-1000 to ask a career and training specialist if you qualify for SEI.


  • America’s Service Locator connects Veterans and others to employment-related services offers throughout the nation.
  • State vocational rehabilitation agencies assist individuals with disabilities—including Veterans—in the pursuit of meaningful careers with job search assistance and self-employment and telecommuting opportunities.

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